A new year is essentially a blank slate for many people – one that is often filled with new promises and resolutions for the upcoming twelve months! If you want to enjoy your time at the office a little more and set goals to boost your career, now is as good a time as any. JF Group lists a few work resolutions to make 2019 a successful and productive year for all.

1. Create and Cultivate a Sustainable Workplace

There’s arguably no current issue facing the world that’s as urgent as climate change; it’s safe to say that the environment is on everyone’s mind. Companies, even more so than individuals, have a greater responsibility than any other entities on Earth to make a difference in this regard. Initiate green policies at work that encourage employees to reuse and recycle, reduce your commercial waste, look into investing in solar power or other alternative energies and campaign for awareness and education. As for your commute to work – if it’s not too long, give your car keys a rest and consider cycling to the office!

2. Redecorate!

Feng Shui isn’t the new millennial fad – it really does make a difference. Cluttered office equipment or a badly designed interior can cause stress and anxiety, leading to a loss of focus and eventually, overall motivation. A pleasant workspace is very important for both employers and employees; rearranging furniture and spacing out cramped desks can increase productivity and improve the general mood.

3. Communication is Key

A lack of clear communication is one of the most harmful factors within a work environment – it can lead to employees feeling neglected, frustrated and left out of the loop. Make sure that there is a clear channel for communication between all departments, and have regular meetings with everyone to keep them informed. Acknowledge and thank people for a job well done, and return any emails or messages as promptly as you can.

4. Introduce New Workplace Traditions

Ensuring employee satisfaction and team rapport is vital for a productive workplace. Recharge the energy in the office and improve relationships with monthly potlucks, fun team-building events, and even a bring-your-pet-to-work day!

5. Offer Exercise Opportunities

If your employees are at their desks all day, the chance to get up and stretch their muscles a bit can do them a world of good, both physically and psychologically. Offer scheduled yoga or meditation sessions on the roof, or consider adding a gym room on the company’s premises if there is enough space.

Make This Year One To Remember With JF Group!

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