More often than not, cleaning provokes polar opposite reactions; some absolutely dread it, others get a deep sense of contentment from it. It seems like doing household chores might give the latter more than a smug sense of domestic God or Goddess! As one of the most popular cleaning companies in Malta, we share some secrets behind why those who love cleaning… simply love to clean.

1. It gives a sense of accomplishment

For many, the joy of cleaning comes from a tangible result: seeing the difference between the before and after. When we set out to reach a target – be it cleaning out the fridge or spring cleaning our wardrobe – we gain confidence once we succeed, which pushes us to take on new challenges.

2. It’s good for your mind

In our fast-paced lives, many find comfort in the repetitive, mindlessness, unchanging aspect of cleaning. Cleaning up our external environment can give us a break from pressures of work and everyday life and can be a healthy way to handle anxiety, since it doesn’t require much thinking. Cleaning, therefore, has a therapeutic benefit, and this aspect may very well be one of the activity’s biggest allures.

3. It’s a way to stay in control

A messy home can be an indicator of how we’re feeling about ourselves. And the more chaotic the environment becomes, the worse we feel. Living in a clean and tidy space gives us a sense of control over our environment, which brings comfort, especially when we feel a lack of control in our personal lives.

4. It’s a mood-boosting workout

You’ve likely heard that exercising 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of heart disease by one fifth. However, you don’t have to hit the gym in order to feel the benefits, as the form of physical activity is irrelevant, so long as the half hour period of exertion is completed somehow. Being physically active for that short time per day extends lifespan and significantly reduces illness. According to a study published by ‘The Lancet’ medical journal, cleaning could be the key to keeping your heart healthy! And as one of the leading cleaning companies in Malta, we’re guessing we’re pretty much sorted.

So which chores are the best workouts? Answer: the ones which use most muscles and make you feel tired. Scrubbing a tiled wall or bath uses a lot of muscles in your upper arms, particularly when working on a surface that requires reaching up, down and to the side.

Not only does cleaning have beneficial effects on our bodies, but it also increases endorphins (feel-good, stress-reducing chemicals) in our brain. As humans, we gravitate toward uncluttered spaces – they give us a sense of peace and calm.

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