Work can get tedious and demotivating at times, so what better way to show appreciation for the jobs your employees have done than by throwing a staff party? However, you’ve got a budget to stick to, and it’s probably smaller than you’d like it to be. Check out a few staff party ideas we’ve compiled to help you throw the ultimate party (be it a celebration of the company’s anniversary, Christmas or end of quarter) without breaking bank.


Crack out the flannel and blast some ‘90s grunge. Bring the permed wigs out and get the ‘80s on. Themed parties are probably our very favourite staff party ideas; they’re lots of fun, and are a fail proof theme is combining the fun of costume parties with the irresistible appeal of nostalgia. Go for a throwback to your favourite decade, or if your office mainly consists of millennials, go for a decade they’ll all remember – the early 2000s. Alternatively, you could choose to set a theme that’s more directly related to the occasion, such as gold for Christmas or an achievement award ceremony. Another idea is staff coming dressed as a person working one of their nightmare jobs – a doctor for the easily-disgusted, or farmer for someone who hates the outdoors.

DIY Photobooth

Anyone who doesn’t like novelty hats, fake moustaches and wigs has no place in your company. Photobooths are a lot of fun, yet if renting one is out of your budget, there’s no reason you can’t create your own! Choose a backdrop, get some props online or from a party store, and set up a tripod so everyone can take timed photos. Alternatively, hire or designate a photographer for the night. The only limit is your creativity!

Fun Awards

Recognise everyone’s individual peculiarities with a round of fun awards. A great way to do this is using superlatives (The Best Joker, The Funniest Laugh) and handing an award for each. Another great and interactive idea is handing out ‘Most likely to…’ awards, where everyone votes for the person who is most likely to fall asleep at work, most likely to burst out laughing in an inappropriate situation, most likely to dip crisps into their tea, you get the idea.


If you’re strapped for cash, one of the best staff party ideas is asking everyone to bring a different dish or snack (have them sign up beforehand so you don’t end up with 12 varieties of dip). If the theme is international, every individual could choose a nationality and bring a dish that’s associated with that country.


Games are great for team building and bring about a sense of closeness among employees. Best of all, they can cost nothing. Just be sure to go for games that don’t require silence and too much concentration as this will kill the vibe of the party; keep things light and try to find something that appeals to everyone, even the shyer employees. Think team quizzes, ‘Guess the song’, charades…

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