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The aftermath of last week’s sandy showers has left many businesses facing the arduous task of window cleaning. As the clear skies return, JF Cleaning introduces a game-changing solution for all : the Streamline® Ova8® Waterfed Window Cleaning Poles. These innovative tools promise not just clarity but also efficiency and safety, redefining window cleaning standards for shops, offices, and high-rise buildings.

The Ova8® poles are a technological leap in window cleaning. Crafted from carbon fibre, these poles offer a winning combination of lightweight manoeuvrability and robust strength, making them ideal for extensive use. The unique oval shape not only ensures a comfortable grip but also minimises the natural wear associated with frequent use.

Whether it’s a boutique shop front or a towering office facade, Ova8® has you covered with poles ranging from 8.5 to 40 feet. This versatility ensures that no corner remains untouched and no window out of reach, all while keeping cleaners safely on the ground.

Accompanying the Ova8® and Ecoline™ poles is an array of specialised attachments. From brushes designed for every window shape to angle adapters for those challenging angles, and from sturdy roof scrapers to scrub pads, every accessory enhances the cleaning experience.

The OVA8 clamp deserves a special mention, allowing for quick and secure changes between attachments, facilitating a smooth and efficient workflow.

💦🪟 The Offer You Can’t Miss:
In light of the recent weather, JF Cleaning is excited to offer a 10% discount on all window cleaning bookings throughout April. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience the difference that professional equipment and skilled service can make.

Embrace the innovation brought to you by JF Cleaning and ensure that your business’s first impression is as spotless as your glass. With our special April discount and the new Streamline® Ova8® and Ecoline™ poles, there’s never been a better time to shine.

Book your slot today and let us unveil the true potential of your windows.

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