The trend of boutique hotels is spreading like wildfire, enticing travellers to choose these establishments over their more traditional counterparts. Our team at JF Staffing – offering recruitment services for an array of industries – discusses some of the reasons why the industry of boutique hotels has boomed and why they are currently trending.

Stylish Rooms

Hotels may be categorised as boutique due to their unique design, as opposed to other hotels whose rooms are typically uniform in their design. Boutique hotels offer guests much more than a room for the night. The lush comfort visitors are treated to, as well as their design aesthetics, provide guests with a unique experience.

Easy Marketing

The rise in popularity of Instagram and other social media platforms has propelled the industry of boutique hotels to become a popular alternative to conventional hotel chains. Travel bloggers – as well as ordinary travellers – are happy to take and share cool designs and interesting pieces in their boutique room, unknowingly doing a portion of your marketing for free!

In-room Technology

The term ‘boutique’ also determines the degree of comfort such establishments offer, which is one reason many now provide in-room technology. This recently-added feature is changing the industry’s guest experience, making everything available with a simple press of a button. This often comes in the form of user-friendly tablets which enable guests to control everything with ease; from music to lighting, and even drawing the curtains without having to get out of bed. In addition, this technology can also provide instant access to local information as well as on-demand services.

Personalised Service

One of the main factors that drove boutique hotels to the top is the personalised experience they offer. Guests at such establishments have come to expect genuine, warm hospitality, and understanding each guest’s needs and ticking their boxes individually ensures that they get the experience they want.

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