There is something about walking into a hotel bedroom, being welcomed by a fresh and clutter-free space. Which poses the question: does the state of a space really have an impact on the way we feel? Is there such a thing as the psychology of cleanliness? The answer is yes, and there are many studies correlating the link between cleanliness and psychological health.

Our team at JF Cleaning – leading providers of cleaning service in Malta – shares the effects having clean and tidy surroundings has on our mood and psyche.

The Psychology of Cleanliness

Your home is your haven. If your house is cluttered, your mind feels the same. In the same way, you’ll never feel clean yourself in a dirty home, regardless of whether you’ve just come out of the shower. Ask yourself: would you feel comfortable if guests showed up at your house now? If not, then it shouldn’t be acceptable for you to live in it. You are just as important as anyone else, which is why you should treat yourself to a clean environment.

A study found that people who make their beds every morning are 19% more likely to report getting a good night’s sleep, and the majority of those said it is even better when their sheets are freshly clean as this increased the sleepers’ feelings of comfort. This is probably the easiest habit to incorporate into your routine. Make your bed first thing in the morning and your bedroom will instantly look better, which will have a calming effect on your mind too.

In a 2011 study, researchers at Princeton University found that clutter can actually make it harder to focus on a particular task. The visual cortex can get overwhelmed by objects that are not relevant to the task, making it harder to allocate attention and complete anything efficiently.

Therefore, the psychology of cleanliness is definitely a thing, and few things are as satisfying as entering a clean home. However, maintaining order and a clean house does take up quite a chunk of time, especially when it comes to the more time-consuming and tedious jobs such as washing the windows and floor. Plus, how are you supposed to keep up with your hobbies and loved ones when cleaning is sucking up all your free time?

If you are busy or unable to keep up, our staff at JF Group will do the work for you. We offer reliable cleaning services in Malta, be it for your home or establishment. Our leading cleaning service ensures that entering your home will provide you with a sense of calm and mental clarity.

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