It’s that time again – time to reflect on the mistakes you swore you wouldn’t repeat this year… but did. You’ve broken your diet, conveniently misplaced your gym membership, you’ve even texted your ex. We may not be much help with such tricky issues, but as one of the leading cleaning services Malta has to offer, we’ve compiled a list of doable cleaning resolutions you can actually commit to this coming new year.

1. Cut the clutter

Clutter always finds a way of sneaking into your home. However, if you’re aiming for a less cluttered life (and you should be), the best way to go about it is refraining from buying things you don’t actually need and donating those that no longer serve you. Organise all your books, shoes and clothes according to style or colour, and keep them in a particular place, rather than scattered around. As a result, your home will feel lighter, and so will you.

2. Make your bed every morning

If you want the new year to bring with it better productivity, better sleep, and a greater sense of well-being, it may be achieved by something as simple as making your bed every morning. Plus, doing so will help even the most cluttered of bedrooms look tidier with minimal effort.

3. Soak dirty pots before sitting down for dinner

It’s tempting to vacate the kitchen and start eating as soon as the food is ready. However, we suggest soaking any dirty pots and pans in warm, soapy water, so by the time you’ve finished your meal, they’re ready to be cleaned.

4. Don’t forget about the Fridge

Avoid that sinking feeling that comes with finding mouldy leftovers after you’ve already taken out the trash – check the fridge beforehand! See what’s about to expire and make a plan to use that food the following days.

5. Clean the bathroom properly once a week

Who likes dealing with smudged mirrors, loose hair and thick layers of dry toothpaste? Walk into a fresh-looking (and smelling) bathroom every time! The surfaces, such as countertops and seats should be wiped more regularly, which shouldn’t take long. However, for a deep cleansing, this involves scrubbing the toilet, sink, tub and wall tiles to keep mould, mildew, bacteria and soap-scum from forming. Remove shower scum as you go with a regular shower cleaner. Mist the surfaces immediately after showering, while the walls are still wet and warm.

6. Opt for eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly products are made from ingredients that are naturally derived, safe, non-toxic and biodegradable, which means their scent is not as strong as their traditional counterparts and they are environmentally-friendly.

7. Break dreaded jobs into small chores

Our best advice is to divide those dreaded duties into small tasks which you can squeeze in here and there. If left to pile up, cleaning tasks can become overwhelming.

Looking for one of the leading cleaning services Malta has to offer?

If you can’t stick to these cleaning resolutions yourself, let us do the work for you. Be it for your office or home, we at JF Group offer one of the most reliable cleaning services Malta can provide. Contact us now for more information and be sure to follow us on Facebook for frequent updates!