From rushing to make sure patrons receive their food on time to dealing with accidents and complaints, if you’re running a restaurant, you’ll probably know all too well that managing an eatery is not for the faint-hearted. However, maintaining a hygienic environment in such an establishment – where the safety of your staff and patrons is your responsibility – is not an option. As top providers of cleaning services in Malta, we at JF Cleaning bring you some of the different areas of a restaurant’s facility that must be properly inspected and cleaned to ensure safe food handling, as well as meet sanitation requirements.


Before even entering the restaurant, potential patrons are judging whether they want to eat in your establishment, and the state of your restaurant’s exterior will be one of the deciding factors. Therefore, if you want to attract passers-by and give them a good impression of what’s inside, don’t neglect the outside. Have the floor power-washed and all surfaces cleaned.

The Dining Area

The dining room is typically the first area patrons see upon entering, so if it looks unsanitary, they might be put off from eating there and decide to leave. Other than thoroughly sanitising surface areas such as bars and table tops, don’t neglect the less obvious things, like menus, which should be wiped and disinfected regularly. What’s more disgusting than touching a sticky, dirty menu while thinking of that food?

The Kitchen – where all the magic happens

It’s sometimes a struggle to keep our own kitchens at home clean, let alone one where multiple chefs are cooking for a room full of hungry diners! Naturally, food preparation areas are those which generate the biggest challenge when it comes to cleaning as they are the ones in constant use. However, since this area is exposed to possible contaminants, and uncooked food poses health risks, surfaces must be cleaned well.


Dirty floors are unsightly anywhere, let alone in a place where food is served. Regular deep cleaning helps remove soil build-up in tile grout, particularly in high traffic areas. Needless to say, it is also imperative that kitchen floors are kept dry and clean to prevent accidents from happening.


More often than not, restrooms are shared by employees and customers due to size restrictions; it is therefore vital that they are properly cleaned to help prevent cross-contamination from workers to utensils food and products. Those responsible for cleaning the restrooms must scrub toilet bowls and seats, as well as the floor around. They should also disinfect “touch points”, such as door handles, the flushing, sink faucets and light switches, as these are the most prone to the spreading of bacteria.

In order to ensure your restaurant isn’t remembered for all the wrong reasons (dirty restrooms), we recommend monitoring and cleaning them every hour to maintain a good standard of hygiene.

Ensure your restaurant’s cleaning requirements are met with one of the most reliable cleaning services in Malta

At JF Cleaning – one of the leading cleaning services in Malta – we offer it all; from domestic to catering cleaning. We strive to deliver the best service possible by maintaining the cleanliness of every area of your establishment for safety and aesthetic reasons alike.

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