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JF Group is following Aurelia Training Academy which is a reputable and highly regarded training provider by offering diverse learning opportunities that cater to the needs of both employers and individuals. JF Academy aims to develop a skilled and motivated workforce that is able to reach their full potential. By inspiring individuals and enhancing business practices.

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Courses available:

Security Course

The JF Academy Security Course is a specialised training program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the safety and protection of people, assets, and information within various environments. The course covers a wide range of topics related to security, including threat assessment, risk management, emergency response protocols, surveillance techniques, and legal regulations.
Participants learn about the principles and best practices of security operations, such as access control, incident management, and security system implementation. They also gain an understanding of different types of security threats, such as physical breaches, cybersecurity attacks, and workplace violence, and learn how to mitigate and respond to these threats effectively.
The curriculum of the course combines theoretical knowledge with practical training exercises to provide a comprehensive learning experience. Participants may engage in role-playing scenarios, case studies, and hands-on simulations to develop their decision-making abilities and problem-solving skills in real-world security situations.
Furthermore, it also emphasizes the importance of ethical and professional conduct, ensuring that participants are aware of legal and ethical responsibilities related to security practices. It also covers topics such as conflict resolution, effective communication, and customer service to help participants develop the necessary interpersonal skills for successful security management.

Refresher Security Course

The JF Academy Refresher Security Course is a condensed training program designed to update and reinforce the knowledge and skills of individuals who have previously completed a security course or have experience in the field. This course aims to refresh participants' understanding of security protocols, emerging threats, and best practices. It provides an opportunity to review and practice key concepts, ensuring that individuals stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and maintain their proficiency in security management. Through a refresher security course, professionals can enhance their expertise and adapt to evolving security challenges effectively.

Cleaning Course

The JF Academy Cleaning Course is a comprehensive training program that equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform effective and efficient cleaning tasks in various settings. This course covers a wide range of topics related to cleaning methods, equipment usage, safety procedures, and best practices.
Participants in the cleaning course learn about different types of cleaning agents, their proper usage, and the appropriate techniques for cleaning different surfaces and materials. They are educated on sanitation practices, including the prevention of cross-contamination and the importance of maintaining a hygienic environment.

The curriculum of the course includes hands-on training, allowing participants to practice their cleaning skills in realistic scenarios. They may learn about specialised cleaning procedures for specific areas such as offices, healthcare facilities, hospitality establishments, or residential spaces.
Furthermore, it will cover topics such as time management, organization, and effective communication to help participants develop the necessary skills for efficient and professional cleaning operations. They may also gain knowledge about environmental sustainability and the use of eco-friendly cleaning practices.
By completing a cleaning course, individuals can enhance their expertise in maintaining clean and healthy environments. This can open up opportunities for employment in various industries such as janitorial services, hospitality, healthcare, and facilities management.

First Aid

The JF Academy First Aid Course is a comprehensive training program that equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to provide immediate assistance in emergency situations. Participants learn essential techniques such as CPR, bandaging wounds, and managing common injuries. The course emphasises assessing the scene, prioritising care, and administering appropriate interventions. Hands-on practice and simulation exercises reinforce theoretical knowledge.
Topics covered include responding to choking, allergic reactions, seizures, and heart attacks. Participants also learn infection control, emergency planning, and psychological support. The training enables individuals to recognize signs of shock, perform basic life support, and handle emergencies until professional medical help arrives.
Completion of this course prepares the participant to respond promptly and confidently, potentially saving lives, preventing further injuries, and providing immediate care in various settings, including workplaces, schools, and community organizations.

Health & Safety

The JF Academy Health And Safety course is a comprehensive training program that focuses on promoting a safe and healthy work environment. Participants learn about hazard identification, risk assessment, safety protocols, emergency preparedness, and occupational health. The course covers topics such as fire safety, manual handling, PPE, and first aid.
Practical exercises help develop skills in identifying hazards, conducting risk assessments, and implementing control measures. Effective communication about health and safety issues is emphasized.
Completing this course equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to contribute to a safer workplace, comply with regulations, and reduce accidents and injuries. It is essential for individuals across various industries to ensure employee well-being and maintain a healthy work environment.

Diverse learning opportunities that cater to the needs of both employers and individuals.

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