Good customer service is one of the most important aspects any ambitious company should implement. Agents working in this sector are the face of your business; they’re often the first person a client or customer comes into contact with, and their experience with the customer agent can very well form that all-important first impression of your establishment and what it is trying to offer. Among the jobs in Malta that we recruit for, the customer service sector is one of those in which we specialise. Here are 5 important qualities a customer service agent should have.

1. Emotional Intelligence

Also referred to as EI or EQ, emotional intelligence is made up of social skills, empathy, self-regulation and internal motivation. All of these qualities together help manage and understand not only your own emotions, but also those of other people. Being capable of understanding the feelings and moods of your customers is key to forming a connection with them and helping to resolve problems.

2. Positive Language Skills

Clear communication is important, but so is the ability to use positive language; the words and tone of voice that we use when speaking to people is a vital part of being persuasive. Therefore, an important quality is not being abrupt and impersonal, and always providing a resolution and frame their dialogue in a way that informs the customer on how and when the issue will be resolved.

3. Time Management

Although a customer service agent should do whatever he or she can to help the customer achieve a resolution, there are times when it is beyond the agent’s abilities. Instead of wasting time in an area that doesn’t fall under your purview, a good customer care agent will pass it onto another support professional who can help the customer in ways that they themselves cannot.

4. The Ability to Adapt

Multi-tasking has now become a crucial aspect of working in customer service, thanks to today’s consumers becoming more demanding than ever before. Customer representatives need to be flexible and ready to adapt to changing circumstances; this could mean handling multiple service channels simultaneously or adjusting to erratic work schedules.

5. The Right Attitude

In terms of customer service, this means being able to look at the bright side of things and adopting a personable, warm approach when dealing with customers. A customer service agent is expected to put in extra effort in order to deliver service that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on customers, as well as take on any challenges that are usually avoided by others. The friendlier and more positive their attitude, the easier it becomes to reduce job-related stress when dealing with frustrated customers.

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