Have you ever shaken hands with someone, only to think about the amount of germs that could have been transferred from that individual’s hand to yours? Well, here at JF Group, we’re certainly not going to judge, because we too take cleanliness seriously. And because we can relate so well, we thought we’d share some of the trials and tribulations a germaphobe might experience in their daily lives.

1. Your obsession with clean hands is taking its toll

Your hands are always dry because you wash them eight times a day. Your sink is as sterile as the pre-op room of surgeon scheduled for an operation. Winter is by far your least favourite month, mainly because you know that your hands’ dryness is going to get worse.

2. You wonder: Have daily showers become an option?

You seriously start to contemplate whether some people just decide to pass on their daily cleaning routine. And for this reason, you simply can’t trust people who don’t shower everyday. How does that even work? Someone wakes up … and then didn’t shower … and then did things? How? You can’t imagine living in a world where you don’t shower first thing. Maybe even twice a day. OK, let’s be honest: three times.

3. Everyday objects make you uncomfortably nervous

You acknowledge the fact that daily gizmos and gadgets harbour a host of different species of bacteria, and of course, this freaks you out… a lot! So there’s no other option but to sanitize your mouse and keyboard at least once a day. Alcohol wipes are your lifeblood.

4. Public Transport is a nightmare…

Public transit is a bane you try to avoid at all costs. Even crowded shops or lifts for that matter. Basically, anywhere people can rub their slimy claws all over things. Think about it. You have no idea how often strangers wash their hands (if at all). Scary stuff!

5. Your repulsion reflex actions are very functional

In fact, you have an aneurysm any time someone sneezes near you. WHY WOULDN’T YOU COVER YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH? Ugh!

6. Unfortunately, sometimes nature calls, and you have to answer…

You’ve contorted your body in positions that are worthy of an Olympic medallist, simply to avoid touching a public toilet seat! A bronze medal, sure, but it’s still pretty impressive that you pulled off splits only Jean-Claude Van Damme manages, simply to avoid touching something a lot of people’s posteriors have been on.

7. A cesspool of germs

To you, public pools are just pits laden with urine as far as you’re concerned. They’re like baths with a bunch of disgusting strangers, and let’s face it, whenever would you take a bath with a random stranger? Unhygienic to say the least!

8. You start to appreciate the little things in life…

Hand sanitizer is your best friend. You take it with you anywhere and everywhere and make sure to apply it hourly.

9. The cinema theatre is reminiscent of a horror movie scene

You’ve been unable to watch the movie because you were busy thinking about all the filthy people that could have sat in that seat before you. You’re quite sure that everything is coated in a thin film of what you hope is butter.

We’re pretty sure that the above 9 situations are all too familiar to the typical germaphobe out there. But don’t fret! You can put your mind at rest that here at JF Cleaning, we understand that cleanliness and hygienic are imperative. That’s why it’s important to be sure wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you are in a germ-free environment.

Don’t forget, when it comes to choosing professional cleaning services, whether commercial or domestic, it’s worthwhile to hire a company who recognises the significance of cleaning.

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