If you’re a obsessed about the presence of bacteria, or the simple thought of it freaks you out, you might want to read this blog prepared for the worst, because it could possibly send you in panic mode. If you’re not a that fussed, you need to read this and perhaps burn everything you own. Even if you consider yourself a relatively clean person who scrubs things down and washes your hands incessantly, you probably forget about cleaning certain things that you use on  a daily basis.

If it’s of any consolation, you’re probably not the only one. Even if you’re a clean freak, you’re bound to be surrounded by things that are literally crawling with bacteria. That’s why JF Group thought it would be best to suggest scrubbing and sanitizing the following things ASAP:


Believe it or not, your handbag is dirtier than a toilet! We know – shocking, right? According to studies, one in every five bags contains bacteria that’s detrimental to human health. This makes sense if you think about all the places you put your bag and the fact that you’ve probably never cleaned it.

Water Bottle

We all have a water bottle, cup, or mug we drink water out of. And you probably don’t wash it often. Well, you better start doing so, because that thing is absolutely disgusting! When you drink out of a bottle or cup, your saliva deposits material back into it, which then can become a nice, cozy dwelling for bacteria.


The phrase “dirty money” isn’t simply referring to illegal financing. It could also be taken literally. Unfortunately, money is a goldmine for bacteria. Logically, if you think about it, money isn’t exactly sanitized as it’s passed from one person to the next. The money in your wallet has enough germs on it to give you a cold – or worse off, make someone with a bad immune system really sick.


Your car is practically a germ factory on wheels. Granted, you might give your car a good clean, every now and then. Maybe you get it professionally detailed once in a blue moon. However, for the most part, your car is a filthy harbour for bacteria which can make you or your passengers sick. Studies show that cars contain more than 700 kinds of bacteria on everything from the steering wheel to the seats.


Who doesn’t like listening to music, right? But after finding out how dirty earphones are, you won’t want to use them anymore. We use our headphones the way we use our phones: a lot of touching and minimal cleaning. Moreover, you’re sticking those things in your ears. They keep a great deal of bacteria, and then you’re popping bacteria buds into your ear canal. Bottom line: Clean your headphones!


Have you ever realized that whenever you use your phone you’re touching a breeding ground for germs? Well, now you know. Your phone has over 18 times more bacteria than a toilet. Think about it: people are constantly touching their phones without cleaning them and storing them in warm places like pockets and handbags, which are perfect breeding conditions for bacterial growth. Yuck! We know you’re dying to get some sanitizing gel or anti-bacterial wipe to clean your phone at this point.


Can you remember the last time you wiped down your keyboard? If you can’t, then chances are you’ll be cringing in repulsion after reading this. Like some of the above-mentioned objects, keyboards are dirtier than toilets. Apparently, keyboards contain bacteria for food poisoning, and some keyboards have more than five times the bacteria found in the office toilet. GROSS. Our advice? Clean your keyboard and mouse NOW.

We apologise if we’ve shocked you with the cold hard facts about bacteria. But at least you could rest assure that here at JF Cleaning, we understand that keeping surfaces clean and hygienic is important. That said however, it’s important to understand what it means to have certain bacteria present and/or absent.

Remember when selecting a commercial or domestic cleaning service, it’s useful to hire a company who acknowledges the importance of cleaning.

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