You all know the dreaded feeling. The amazing party is over and now you’re faced with the reality of cleaning up. Those wine stains, water rings, a sink full of plates and hopefully, no hangover. Either way, the last thing you feel like doing the morning after hosting is having to deal with the aftermath. Our professional cleaning team at JF Cleaning shares some tips to make it all easier.


1. Start Clean

The best way to ensure your home isn’t a wreck after the party is to start with a clean space before it even starts. Give your home a deep clean the day before; this will make your guests feel you’ve made an effort and in turn, they will probably be more careful about leaving a mess than they would if they entered one.


2. Clean a little during the party

To limit your after-party cleaning up, start doing little things while the party is still taking place. This does not mean going full-on crazy cleaning lady where you’re so absorbed with cleanliness that you make your guests uncomfortable and don’t have the chance to mingle with them. Rather, dispose of any trash when walking to the sink area, and do a little pick up before the last guests leave – this will likely spur some guests to offer help and speed up the process.


3. Make it easy for others to clean up

Place empty trays where guests can put their used glasses and dirty dishes, and once full, take the full trays to the kitchen. This will save you time from walking back and forth, carrying a few glasses at a time.


4. Prioritise

As tempted as you may be to jump into bed as soon as the party ends, we suggest focusing on the more urgent items before doing so. If you find stains on fabrics such as the carpet, these must be treated quickly and properly.

Whether right after the party or the next morning, start by opening the windows to air the space. Scrape off all uneaten food into the garbage bag and store leftovers in containers in the fridge. When washing up, it is best to start with the big bowls and dishes that take up precious sink space (or that don’t fit into dishwashers) in order to make space for plates and glasses.

Finally, vacuum the carpets – especially those in the entrance and places that experienced high foot traffic, and sweep and wash all floors.

Before you know it, your house will be spick and span again with no hint of there ever having been a party!

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