The end of your tenancy is looming, and although it is the last thing you want to deal with when moving house, cleaning your current property is a must before other tenants move in. Not only is it often compulsory (as stated in the rental contract or by your landlord), but it’s also a sign of thoughtfulness on your part – nobody should leave a messy space behind them for others to have to deal with! Here’s the ultimate cleaning checklist to go through before you move out for good, brought to you by one of the best cleaning companies in Malta, JF Cleaning.

1. Bathe Your Bathroom!

Of all rooms in a property, bathrooms tend to contain the heaviest build-up of dirt and grime. Always check any plug and sink holes to see if they are blocked; if so, clear them completely and make sure water can flow smoothly. Clean shower doors with plenty of white vinegar and water, and examine any metallic surfaces such as shower heads, drain grates and taps for mould or limescale.

2. Cleanse The Kitchen

Mix water and baking soda together to make a paste, and use it to scour the surface of laminate counter tops. Apply an extra layer to any stains, covering them with damp paper towels and leaving to soak for a couple of hours. Make sure to clean the refrigerator from top to bottom, soaking the trays and shelves in warm, soapy water. Open your oven door and check for burnt food deposits, dust and grease, removing every sign of grime if so.

3. To The Window, To The Wall

Wash off any scuff marks on the walls or skirting boards, or paint over them in the same colour if you find them impossible to remove. As for the windows, consider looking up some professional cleaning companies in Malta if you find them difficult or too high up to reach and clean properly.

4. Don’t Forget Your Fans

We’re talking ceiling fans, specifically, as it’s very easy to overlook the dust that accumulates on top of the blades over time. Grab a pillow case and slide it over a blade, thus removing the bulk of dirt before cleaning it properly with a cleaning solution.

5. Give Your Living Room Some TLC

Vacuum your carpets and remove any stains or blemishes. Clear your cabinets, cupboards, shelves and any other storage trays or spaces in order to give them a good dusting. Don’t forget to check for any coffee mug rings on wooden furniture and take the necessary procedures to remove them.

If you need a helping hand, contact JF Cleaning today!

If you don’t have time to follow our cleaning checklist, leave all the cleaning and washing in our capable hands while you attend to the hectic business of moving out. As one of the best cleaning companies in Malta, we guarantee a space so spotless that even the most eagle-eyed of landlords will be left totally satisfied!

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