Two of the most important pillars that a successful organisation relies on are collaboration and teamwork, and these can only be brought about by a group of employees who can communicate well and trust each other. Team building is a multi-faceted people science that requires a careful examination of different strengths, personalities, past work experiences and educational backgrounds. As leaders of recruitment in Malta, JF Group has compiled a few simple suggestions as to how to build an effective work team.

1. Establish team values and goals

Creating a set of targets and challenges to overcome gives your team a sense of motivation and something to work towards together. Make sure to congratulate your workers from time to time on any progress made towards the aforementioned targets – this will make them feel both encouraged and valued.

2. Keep an open channel of communication

Few things are as frustrating to employees as not being party to information that the rest of their colleagues have. It’s important to make sure that everyone in the team is filling each other in on a regular basis to maintain a level of transparency. Weekly check-ins and meetings are a great way to make sure everyone is up-to-date, and can help to sort out any minor issues that may be hindering a project. You can even invest in certain Apps or programs which are designed to help employees communicate via chat or an open network.

3. Organise team building events

There’s no better way of boosting positive morale and camaraderie than fun-filled events outside the office. This not only allows different people to learn more about each other’s strengths but also builds stronger relationships between colleagues. Follow up these events with meaningful activities in the workplace, so as to show how what they learned from the event could be utilised at work.

4. Give proactive feedback

Never take performance for granted; always acknowledge and reward your employees on their efforts and achievements, no matter how big or small the latter may be. This shows them that you are paying attention to their work, which will make them more appreciative in return. It also builds loyalty and trust between leaders and their workers. Additionally, take the time to celebrate success as a team in order to show recognition for their sacrifice and perseverance.

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