What’s life without indulging in a little escapism from time to time? As much as we may enjoy our job and our colleagues in real life, it’s only human to wonder about what things would be like if it were possible to step into our favourite books, films or shows and live in a different world from our own, if only for a short while. As leading specialists of recruitment in Malta, our team at JF Staffing bring you a list of amazing fictional jobs held by some of our favourite characters.

1. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent

It’s Marvel’s world and we’re just living in it! The famous comic book franchise has successfully spawned an array of blockbusters, superhero team-ups and even a handful of critically acclaimed TV shows, the latter of which include Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sure, you’d have to deal with things like shape shifting aliens and your long lost evil Dad trying to kidnap you, but you’d get to wear cool suits, save the world and meet interesting (ahem) people.

2. Blade Runner

Do you enjoy travelling? Are you good with machines (self-aware or otherwise?) Then a futuristic bounty hunter job might just be up your street. Perks: you’ll get to operate a flying car and strut around like some sort of 31st century Indiana Jones. Cons: you’ll have to spend the majority of your working life “retiring” killer androids, which is just as risky as it sounds.

3. Vampire Slayer

We’ve gone all the way back to 90’s TV for this one. Sure, you’d get virtually no sleep at night when hunting vampires and making relationships work would be a bit (or a bite, in Buffy’s case) of a hassle, but hey… it does get you out of the office. Sorry guys – historically, this role is historically and traditionally open to women only. We don’t get a say in how the supernatural works!

4. Teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

‘Fess up – you spent a considerable portion of your childhood waiting for your Hogwarts letter, and you still have those set of Gryffindor robes stored away carefully somewhere just in case. What could be cooler than teaching a subject like Charms, Potions or Transfiguration? No slaving away at the weekends correcting papers or writing tests – you’d simply have a handy spell do it for you, along with three free meals every day and free laundry. Probably one of the most sought-after fictional jobs out there!

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