Most of us spend a third of our day at work, and while some of us have been lucky enough to have had a great boss, many would gladly share stories of the nightmare boss – you know, the one you roll your eyes about as soon as he walks past. The hostile one who screams at people in front of others. Bosses are the primary reason for people keeping or leaving jobs. So what makes a good boss exactly?

JF corporate list some of the qualities that make a good boss or manager.

1. Good communicator

You’ve heard it before – good communication is essential to any relationship. This shouldn’t only refer to our personal relationships, but also business ones. This includes setting clear expectations to employees, while knowing when to leave them to it and not micromanaging.

2. Has an open-door policy

Good communication is a two-way street. A good boss makes himself available, thus allowing any problems that may arise to be nipped in the bud and employees to feel like their voice and concerns are heard and respected.

Sometimes, bosses find themselves drowning in work and are unaware of things that may be happening outside the confines of their office space. This is why they should listen to employees

3. Provides feedback

Waiting a whole year to get a ‘Thank you,’ ‘Great job!’ or perhaps ‘You could have done better here’ may leave the employee feeling demotivated, frustrated and unable to improve.

4. Genuinely cares about employees as people

We are who we are, not just what we do. Employees like to feel valued as individuals, so bosses who take the time to show genuine interest in the people who make up the team improve employees’ self-esteem and morale at work, which in turn, is likely to increase staff retention and worker productivity.

5. Encourages team work

It is not uncommon for employees to get competitive among themselves in a corporate environment, but this will only foster animosity and a lack of cohesion, where everyone should be headed in the same direction. Therefore, being a great boss involves encouraging teamwork and development through team-building activities and creating a harmonious work environment, where everyone is treated equally and with respect.

6. Rewards good performance

It is a basic in psychology. People need to feel appreciated, and employees are no exception. Going to work every day and doing your best but getting nothing but a pay cheque at the end of the month doesn’t always cut it. Good bosses recognise the importance of positive reinforcement and give credit when credit is due. The more appreciation someone feels, the more effort they will make to keep doing well. Win-win.

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