Whether you’re a candidate, recruiter or employer, it’s likely that you’ve gone through the recruiting or hiring process more than once. It’s also likely that you’ve come across or heard a vast amount of misinformation and myths regarding how best to go about acquiring new talent. Many organisations still cling onto outdated strategies which only serve to keep them one step back and prevent them from finding the best employees out there. JF Group, a leader of recruitment in Malta, take apart a few common recruiting myths – read on to find out more.

Myth 1: Quality candidates are too difficult to find

As the saying goes: nothing worth having comes easy. Talented and hard-working potential employees do exist – you just need to go after them. Modern day technology has made it so much easier to connect with others; share job postings on social media and market positions on job boards and on the company’s website.

Myth 2: The ideal job candidate should be perfect at everything

There’s no such thing as the perfect employee. Everybody has weaknesses, and sometimes the search for perfection is what drags down the hiring process the most. Look out for candidates who show a willingness to learn and commit themselves to acquiring new skills – the right leadership and training can easily provide the knowledge or experience the candidate was previously lacking.

Myth 3: References don’t matter

Many often make the mistake of assuming that interviews are the most important part of the hiring process. In order to form a complete picture of someone’s personality and how they could affect the workplace environment, you really should ask for references from past employers. It’s a good idea to ask questions regarding the candidate’s reaction towards constructive criticism and how well they got on with other colleagues.

Myth 4: Only recruit when you actually need staff

The most successful companies are always on the lookout for new talents and promising candidates. Streamline your recruitment process by keeping a database filled with the best and the brightest, so you’ll have them at your fingertips should any opportunities arise.

Myth 5: Hiring multiple agencies will speed up the recruitment process

Doing this will only result in you receiving masses of the same applications and CVs – often all at once. Thus, it only serves to impede and slow down the process until you sift through and find the ones you really want. It makes more sense to hire one reliable and reputable agency to get things done for you.

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